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Lixing Chemical was established in 2003 as a R&D driven company,aiming to develop environmental benign specialty chemicals for coating,paint,polyurethane and novel energy industry. In 2015,production site moves to Tancheng county provincial-chemical industrialized area under new name of Shandong Lixing Chemical Co.,Ltd, the total production area is about 100,000 square meters, equipped with first-class up-to-date facilities, safety precaution measures,Environmental and production control (DCS), advanced laboratories instruments, professional personnel. 
Our main products are Propylene carbonate, Ethylene carbonate,Dimethyl carbonate,Diethyl carbonate,Ethylmethyl carbonate, total capacity is up to 60KMT per year. 
As a research driven company, Lixing Chemical devotes to develop novel clean production techniques, green chemistry routes,environmental benign solutions to Lithium battery industry, coating ,paint, polyurethanes. Lixing also collaborates with first class advanced institutes and universities to develop new technology, like Tianjin University, Beijing university of chemical technology. 
Lixing chemical management system certified by ISO9001,ISO14001, Main products are registered by Reach. The products are exported to more than 80 countries and districts, we maintain stable business relations with famous multinational customers in coating and paint, PU,lithium battery industry. 

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